LOLA natural tampon subscription box review

LOLA natural organic cotton tampons come in a subscription box every month. I tried them for 4 months and here is what I learned!

All-natural tampons delivered to your door every month? Yes, please. Each box perfectly customized with the types of tampons you need for your flow? Great! No toxic chemicals? Check. Never have to make your boyfriend run to the store to get you tampons again? Yes, this is real, and it’s called LOLA. 

I figured a service like that just can’t go wrong, so as soon as I learned about LOLA – the natural tampon subscription box service, I immediately had to sign up. Now that I’ve been using LOLA tampons for about 4 months, I decided to share my experience with you so you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth the hype. This post contains affiliate links.

What are LOLA tampons?

LOLA is a company that makes 100% organic tampons and delivers them via a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box service right to your door. It allows you to customize your oder to your liking and select different levels of absorbency that works best for you. You can pick exactly how many tampons of each absorbency you want in your box of 18. 

As with all subscription box services, you pay each time the box is mailed to you, but you can skip a month anytime you decide you don’t want to purchase it, and you won’t get charged that month. You can also cancel the subscription anytime if you choose to.

LOLA recently added pads and liners to its line of all-natural products, so you can include those in your monthly box as well. I have only tried the tampons so far, and my review will focus on them for now.

The toxic secret behind most feminine products

Those pads and tampons that line the aisles of your local supermarket with their flashy colorful boxes are chock full of synthetics, dyes, perfumes and toxic ingredients.

Unfortunately, the law does not require them to have any ingredient information on the package, so most of us are completely in the dark about what we are putting in our bodies.

The importance of using safe and non-toxic feminine products is rarely emphasized, but I believe it should be. After all, the average woman uses between 16,000 – 24,000 tampons in her life! 

These products are used in some of our most delicate areas where the skin is thinnest and everything gets absorbed into our bodies. And – this is important – we let them sit dangerously close to our reproductive organs.

If you eat clean and use safe beauty products, it’s only natural for you to want to use the safest products in other aspects of your care. 

And yet, surprisingly, we have these products that are treated with toxic chemicals, while women are cluelessly buying them, trusting that these products wouldn’t be for sale if they weren’t safe.

Studies show that conventional pads and tampons are made with many concerning ingredients. They often contain BPA, an endocrine-disrupting chemical, that should never ever go anywhere near your uterus! BPAs are linked to cancer and embryonic development disruption.

Tampon applicators often use plastics with phthalates, which are known to disregulate gene expression and cause organ damage.

When cotton is used in conventional tampons, it is typically grown with pesticides like glyphosate, the residues of which have been found in tampons. 

LOLA natural organic cotton tampons come in a subscription box every month. I tried them for 4 months and here is what I learned!
LOLA tampons are made with 100% organic cotton and do not undergo chemical bleaching

Some pads and tampons even use perfumes! Putting perfumes inside of your body is just horrible. I mean who thought that would be a good idea?!

But the worst part about all conventional pads and tampons is that their materials are bleached with chlorine, resulting in toxic dioxin and other disinfection-by-products (DBPs). Even the EPA agrees that there are no “safe” levels of exposure to dioxins. 

These are serious toxins that have been found to cause abnormal cell growth and endocrine problems. How messed up is it that they are not disclosed to the women who are buying and using them?

LOLA’s tampons are the answer

This is where LOLA comes in. Their tampons are made with just 1 ingredient: organic cotton. They do not add synthetic fibers or perfumes. Their plastic applicators are BPA-free. The cotton is sourced in Europe and does not undergo any bleaching and is grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. It is essentially the cleanest tampon you can imagine.

LOLA is not the first brand to come out with a 100% organic cotton tampon, of course. But they are the first ones to offer it in the form of a fully customizable subscription box, which is actually really cool.

My experience with LOLA tampons

First of all, it’s great to not have to go out and buy a box of tampons. With the subscription box, you never run out. It comes in a discrete box every month (or two – depending on how you set it up) and you pretty much always have a good supply of them on hand. 

Secondly, the quality and thought that was put into this product is really great. The packaging looks luxurious, and comes with a lovely inspirational message to get you through the tough days! 

LOLA natural organic cotton tampons come in a subscription box every month. I tried them for 4 months and here is what I learned!

The tampons are color-coded by absorbency. You can customize how many of each absorbency level you get in each box – a super convenient feature! Before LOLA, I used to have to buy 3 different boxes just to use a few tampons from each one. 

When it comes to comfort, I found these tampons to be top of the line. These are the kind that you can forget about, because you can’t feel them at all! But jokes aside, there was no irritation, no discomfort, they were great. The applicator is smooth and easy to use.


The only problem I encountered was with absorbency. Although LOLA claims to use the same absorbency standards as everyone else, I found that their tampons are not as absorbent as the conventional ones. 

With conventional tampons, a “regular” could last me a few hours on my heaviest day, but with LOLA it barely lasted an hour! Although as my days got lighter, the “regular” worked just fine. Luckily, this was easy for me to fix because I made sure to customize my box before my next shipment and included a few of the “super” tampons for my heavy days. They worked perfectly well for that.

To avoid having this issue, I recommend customizing your first box to include each level of absorbency, which will give you a chance to try them all out. That way you’ll be able to gauge how many you’ll need and adjust your next box accordingly.


They aren’t the cheapest tampons, at $9 per box of 18. Each box usually lasts me 2 months, so that’s about $4.50/mo. For me, that’s not a high price to pay for my health and peace of mind.


I am happy that I found LOLA and I have been telling my friends about it. I think the biggest benefit of these tampons is the non-toxic aspect and convenience. I love that I don’t have to drive far to a specialty store just to get a safe tampon!  The price is reasonable considering the quality, promise and options that LOLA offers.

As many other people noted, using a non-toxic feminine product can lead to decreased menstrual cramping. I don’t really understand how that mechanism works, but after switching to LOLA my pain reduced significantly. I can actually have my period and not roll around on the floor in pain. It’s pretty cool.

To summarize my review of LOLA tampons:


  • non-toxic
  • 100% organic cotton
  • convenient
  • customizable
  • comfortable


  • not as absorbent as I was used to
  • could be pricey for some

Where to sign up

You can read more about LOLA on their website, and sign up here. When setting up your profile, you will be given different customization options (tampons, pads, liners) and absorbencies. Then you can also choose if you want to receive a box every month or every two months. Remember, you can skip a month anytime without getting charged and cancel your subscription whenever you need to. 

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Let me know if you’ve given LOLA a try! Did you like their products? 


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