Paleo Hiking Snacks and Other Must-Haves!

Paleo hiking snacks and other hiking must-haves

November is a great time for a hike, so grab these paleo hiking snacks, a few hiking supplies, your favorite scarf and venture into the wild!

Happy Day-after-Election day! I hope you all fulfilled your duty and went out and voted yesterday! Frankly, I’m just happy this election is finally over… I think many will agree, hehe!

Aside from the Election, November is one of my favorite months of the year because of how beautiful it gets outside. Here where I live it gets a little chilly, but the sun still shines almost every day, and the leaves take on their most gorgeous colors.

Paleo hiking snacks

November hiking is a tradition that I’ve been honoring for many years, and this was no exception! Last weekend I went out to the Ramapo Reservation – a beautiful natural area with several mountains, lakes, ponds, and of course hiking trails.

This was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday! Seriously, there is nothing more therapeutic than going out into the woods and spending a few hours completely immersed in nature. Try it!

While getting ready for the hike, I realized that I had developed a whole list of paleo hiking snacks and other must-haves. Typical hiking food is usually full of sugar and grains. Over the years I’ve found better alternatives that work just as well when you’re hiking.

paleo hiking snacks

I decided to share with you the things I pack into my backpack for every hike: the snacks, the drinks, the survival gear, and other must-haves! Enjoy your #paleo hike!

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Paleo Trail Mix

paleo trail mix for hiking

My version of the trail mix is basically a bag full of my favorite nuts and low-sugar dried fruit. I tend to go with almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and pine nuts, as well as dry sugar-free cranberries and apricots (but anything works). This mix is impressively filling and comes packed with healthy fats, protein and fiber. This is one of my go-to paleo hiking snacks that I can eat on the go.


coconut water - a natural electrolyte drink, perfect for a hike! #paleo

It goes without saying that you need to bring water on your hike. But I like to go a step further and also bring a bottle of organic coconut water! Coconut water is full of nutrients and electrolytes. Since you lose a lot of electrolytes while sweating, this is a great way to replenish them without going for those sugary electrolyte “sports” drinks. Having an adequate amount of electrolytes is very important for proper kidney functioning and overall fitness.

Grass-Fed Jerky

paleo jerky, paleo hiking snacks

If your hike is longer than 2-3 hours, I would suggest grabbing some protein in addition to your trail mix! This grass-fed beef jerky makes an ideal portable paleo snack for longer hikes. I love this brand (Lawless Jerky) for it’s natural ingredients and great taste, but you can go with any natural brand you want. See the end of this post for more suggestions of high-quality all-natural jerky brands.

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord is a type of rope that was originally used in parachutes. It is extremely powerful and compact. You can buy it weaved into a bracelet or a belt – it’s a practical fashion statement that can save you in many emergency situations! Better safe than sorry, right? Each bracelet has around 15 feet of paracord which you can use for millions of things by simply unraveling your bracelet. This one comes with a firestarter flint on the clasp!

Powerful lip balm

rosebud salve, hiking must-haves

I had forgotten how windy hikes can get! Whether you’re walking up a mountain, or taking in the views of a lake, this time of year you can easily find yourself in a windy situation. Make sure to bring a thick lip balm to protect your lips from the harsh winds. I love this Rosebud one, but even plain vaseline would work. You can even make one yourself using essential oils. I have a few hanging around so I never leave the house without it!

Map of the hike

You have no idea how useful a map can be! Most parks and reserves post their trail maps on their websites. I suggest printing one out or saving it on your phone, so you always have it handy (even with no cell service!) That way, you can explore various trails without worrying about getting lost.

Pack your paleo hiking snacks, your gear, and get out there!


With the days getting shorter it’s important to get out in the sun and spend time outdoors. Hiking is amazingly therapeutic and helpful if you’re feeling stressed out! And let’s be honest, after this election, who doesn’t need some therapy? XD 

Do you know of other great paleo hiking snacks? How about lightweight survival tools? Share your tips in the comments below! 

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